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The Dead Scare

In 1918 Congress passed Daylight Saving Time into law. They thought time was on their side. They were wrong. Dead wrong.

In October the nation turns back the clocks, and everyone who died within the hour comes back to life (as blood-thirsty revenants that feed on the living.)  Miriam Langley, a Red Cross volunteer, embarks on a terrifying odyssey to stop the disease from spreading and end the suffering of those tormented souls once and for all. Watch the trailer for Issue 1 now.

About: The Writer

Jeff Woodruff was born in Schenectady, N.Y. and was bitten by the horror bug at a very young age. Over time his fear of the unknown soon turned into a fun obsession with all things supernatural.  After spending five years in the U.S. Navy (with nine months in Iraq) he became fascinated with the history of warfare. Together these two passions would eventually spawn The Dead Scare series. He lives with his wife and son in Los Angeles and Berlin.

About: The Artist

Kateryna Kosheleva was born and raised in Ukraine and now lives in Wrocław, Poland with her husband. Growing up in a culture that has undergone a sudden and drastic change on all levels  defined her interest in the post-apocalyptic genre at an early age. She has enjoyed drawing and making up stories since childhood and now focuses on visual stories and fictional worlds. Check out her original graphic Novel “For Their Own Good” below.

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