October 1918

Daylight Saving Time + Spanish Influenza = Zombie Apocalypse.

Babe Ruth to the rescue!

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Rated M for Mature 17+

The mayhem continues as Jack struggles to control his bloodlust. Miriam and Nora seek refuge in the house of a stranger while Ben pleads for the release of his sister from the local Madam.

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Rated M for Mature 17+

Miriam continues to test her treatment on unknowing patients, Ben and Babe make a strange discovery at Edison Electric, while Jack makes a drastic decision in order to protect Miriam.

Don’t miss this exciting new chapter of The Dead Scare!

Rated M for Mature 17+

A Dead Scare short story.

A farmer and his faithful wolfhound defend their home against the undead.

Rated M for Mature 17+

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